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YOU-NIQUE – What Is Your Unique Selling Point.

You, Unique
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Unique, You

Who are you? What makes you unique? What’s your selling point?

What is that one thing you could point at that you posses that will make people to consider and prefer to buy from you than choose your competition?

What is your points of difference?

A clear cut list of benefits and reasons that you are awesome, what makes your business special, why would someone choose you instead of your competitors?

Every business out there want to make more sales than their competition and would naturally want to strategize ways to make do it happen.

Your fingerprint is not same with everyone, are you proud to be you? Always remember that you are absolute. No two persons are the same.

Not even identical twins are. Not to talk of conjoined twins.

Recently, I read a story about this two Iranian craniopagus twins sisters (joined in the brain) – Ladan and Lalah Bijani.

Ladan and Lalah Bijani.
conjoined Iranian twin sisters – Ladan and Lalah Bijani.

Despite their close similarities.

In 2003, after 29 years of living dependent of each other from birth. Both got feed up of sameness and seek to be separated through medical surgery to live a unique life of their own.

Among the surgeon that was consulted is a renowned world class surgeon – Ben Carson.

“Ladan wanted to be a lawyer, while Laleh wished to become a journalist; in the end, they settled on Ladan’s choice.

They studied law for four years at Tehran University. Most other personal decisions also had to meet each other’s approval. For these and other reasons, they had

wanted to be separated since they were children. Laleh hoped that she could then move to Tehran, the capital city

of Iran, to study journalism, while Ladan wanted to continue with graduate studies in law and then move to Shiraz.

In addition, the sisters had different hobbies. While Laleh liked to, among other things, play computer games, Ladan

preferred computer programming. Ladan also described Laleh as more introverted and herself quite talkative”.

You see, there’s something so unique on your inside that not even the closest person next to you has.

Your job is to figure it out, develop it and use it to make a difference in your industry.

The world celebrate your difference, commonality get no reward, attraction/traffic or likes.

Being an influencer brand like a celebrity is to be famous or popular for one thing.

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The more specialized you are the more unique you become and the more generalized you are the less valuable you are.

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Being popular this days means to show up on social media platform and making meaningful contribution in any industry or online community or group you function.

The people in and around your life can at times play down on your value and make yo think you are not different from them.

That why you need to define early on what makes you unique and move around those that who value and appreciate you for that.

Part of being unique can be adding some interesting values in your life that makes you stand out from the crowd.

For example, everybody can obtained a  degree from an institution, but that makes no difference and give employer or a contractor no good reason to why they should choose or prefer you from other candidate with same qualifications.

Going a mile to add to your skill set can make all the difference in your career and of course

in making your business or brand exceptional from the rest.

Get out of your comfort zone, broaden your scope to learn something different. get more experience. All these will flesh out the uniqueness in you. That not the general public has or can be easily found anywhere.

That uniqueness is a gift you can offer at a premium price to the world if you know how to go about it.Just staying enough on this blog. Consume and learn all you can ask me question using the chat button.

Every single person is a unique package of content composed of unique pieces of experiences, knowledge, skill sets, values talents,personalities, dreams, perspective, taste, passion.



        There will be individual traits, characteristics and elements of you as a person that you share with other                       individual

        What makes a person different to all others is not these things by themselves, but the combination of these                things that only you have.

        You are one of a kind. Take it or leave it.

        Have you a list of ways to be unique?

        Please drop it at the comments.




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