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WEBSITE – How Your Brand Can Reach Out To The World.

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Do you know your brand can reach the world with a website?

In today’s world, a website is relevant to your brand success.

The internet has changed for ever the way we work, do business and market our brand.

Corporate organization, small and  medium scale business enterprises and brand-new startups are starting to realize the significance of having and incorporating a website into their marketing budget.

If your are looking at taking your brand to the next level and you don’t have a customized website or at least a web page to call up with, like one that point people to access detailed information about your brand?. well, you are on a long thing.

Think of a website as having a storefront in the brick and mortar business world.

It can actually make the difference between being perceived as a local or global business.

Thanks to social media and the Internet, it’s undeniably one of the fine ways to get your name out there and market your brand to the world.



A website provide a medium for brick and mortar businesses to reach to their customers beyond their locale.

We live in a smart world where customers don’t have to see your brand physically before they make a buying decision.

According to the Small Business Association’s website, 97% of consumers search the Internet for products and services online.

How many times have you caught yourself looking for the nearest Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Mall etc. on Google right? Sure.

They simply visit online to check out your brand first before they before they check in your place.

Some can even decide right out of the bat to do business with you if they are impressed with what they see online about your brand/business.

Consumers don’t do window shopping any longer than they used to.

They prefer to visit your site and scroll down for what they are looking for than paying a visit to your local business district. It saves them time and money.

Here are the things you need to take into account as you build a website for your brand.



Domain name are your website’s address on the internet such as, etc.

Whereas, web hosting is where your website files are stored on the internet cloud.

A domain name is analogous to getting a  business name registered in the brick and mortar world.

A web hosting on the other hand is a lot like the rent-age fee you pay for occupying a space offline.

In this case you can not hold the physical asset/property for life as you are not the rightful owner.

As for your paid web hosting and domain, the virtual asset is your property for the taken and to develop as long as the Internet lives – It’s of course your piece of virtual real estate that increases in value many times over with a high ranking in google, so its well worth it.

Ideally, for the sake of your brand, your domain name should match the name of your business.

Virtually all common domain names are already taken.

This will well get you to think of a unique domain name that is just appropriate for you brand niche.



There are a whole lot of freemium and premium templates and plugins at your fingertips that you can use to create a seamless low budget website that become a one stop shop for your brand.

cost of varies based on what you are trying to build (simple blog, portfolio website, static site,  eCommerce store, membership site, etc).

With template like woocomerce and website like and makes the process a cinch.

By the way  just for the records, this site is powered by WordPress, world No_ 1 open source platform.

You can actually have a social media presence for your brand but there’s no platform that increases your brands  credibility like having a website dedicated for it.

With a little premium fee for necessary web tools you need to properly customize and brand-it to your taste, with little to no fee on site maintenance so that it does’t get pulled down overnight.


A domain name is inexpensive to acquire now a days. From a reputable company with a history and track record of domain name registration.

It cost a little more or less than $10 dollars/yr and a hosting of $10 dollars /yr.

That’s ($0.83)/month, less than a dollar,  the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Not too much for a  start, you get bigger plans as your business grow bigger. is that Okay.

 For a sec. Just imagine and count what it cost to set up the traditional brick and mortar business compared to an online space for your brand to go international with a wilder reach and coverage.

Now you think about that.



A study from late 2013 found that just 52% of small businesses had a website.

Chances are, if your business doesn’t have a website, your competition does. and your know what that means to your brand/ business.

Not having a website in today’s world, could take a toll on your bottom line.

Your chances of ending up in customer online searches is significantly reduced.

Google found that 70% of mobile searchers use β€˜click to call’ to dial a business.

The number of web and mobile users is rising. Statista has estimated that more than 5 billion people will be using smart phones worldwide before 2020.

Not having a website for your brand will limit how far you can reach out and engage, and update your customers whats new about your brands product or services.

These days there’s no excuse for not having a website, even if your business is only just getting off the ground. Many potential customers and clients won’t take you seriously without one.



Don’t try to cut cost by going only the social media route in creating a media Identity for your brand instead of setting up a website.

No, that’s very unprofessional.

Your social media account like I started is not yours, the owner can take it down whenever they call for it. 0

Apart from a website giving your brand an identity, and scaling your marketing effort, you have the flexibility to customize it to match your brand.

Monetizing your brand and collecting 100% of the money made is easier with a website than any social media page. Its definitely your best sales and marketing platform.

posted images of your brand or product on not social platform but on your website will show up on google’s search image section. 

But honestly, your still gonna need social media to promote and push your brand website because it a platform that targets all your audience and ultimately draw traffic to your site to get more exposure for your brand to reach out beyond bounds.

And you can from social media build a recognized brand and that’s if you are consistent enough to put media content ( blog post – article like this one, Info-graphics, podcast, Vlog/ YouTube) out there.

Many Internet celebrity have walked the path so its possible!

Websites and social media platforms too are excellent marketing tools.

They are some of the most cost effective ways of sending out information to thousands of people and having a huge influence on the way consumers make purchasing decisions.

Millennial consumers buying decision stats have even indicated that they look at companies in a negative light if they cannot be found online. overcoming distance barriers.

Persons thousands of miles in distance can be learning all about your business with just a few keystrokes away.

Suffice it to say social media application will not cut it when it comes to building an online brand for your business.

But if you want to have footing on the Internet for your brand, a website – is the way to go.

Do you know other web tools or platforms that can be used to build your brand online apart a website? please feel FREE to share at the commenting box below.




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