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TRUST – Built To last.

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At one point in time the size of a brand, how long it has been around and the mass advert it runs on media where all that was required for people to patronize that brand. But today social media landscape has stripped off all of that.

more company are having media presence, That makes it easy for people to do a quick googling or product review to  ascertain your brands credibility online before they ever make any buying decision and entrust their hard-earned money.


Business is built on long term relationship. Trust in business is a lot like trust in a relationship.

Let me explain.

There you where, working pass the street and all of a sudden a man looking brand new just appear from the blue and present you a well packed parcel and say, hey I know you will like this one a trial will convince you huh!

What will be your reaction at that instance. Like a movie right? Or your mind will go uhg! lolz..

You will be like – who the hell are you, what are you talking about, don’t know you from Adam.

Now just imagine right where you are now that you have seen the person before, know who they are, what they offer. It will become easy to relate with the person.

Now, here’s a rule you should run with and that goes for anything in life.

Don’t you ever sell someone on anything before you ever try to help them.

 you will only come off as salsy and scammy. No one likes to feel hoodwinked you know.

Acting like someone who wants to help will increase their trust level for your brand. Don’t be deceptive at the expense of trust, its harder to build trust once destroyed.

Trust is a social capital earn it at all cost the deficit of which can cost you your business. Trust is one of the finest ways to build your list – your greatest online asset. Trust built over time will pay off in huge dividend.

Help show people how to do Something  don’t sell them on something, they will need you if they are going to get it done better – there and then trust is built in the Process of lending an helping hand.

People follow your brand because they trust you and the instance you start to be inconsistent and stop doing what you have being doing or promise to do, they begin to be in doubt if you can actually help them reach their goal.

The fastest way to build trust perception for your brand online (because it a space where your physical identity is obscure) is to provide free valuable content for your audience. This is how to get them engage their time getting to know, like and trust your brand before investing in your offer.

The benefits are unlimited among which are – it positions you as an expert willing to help sincerely and not just a broker who gives you tips to bank on you only because they are broke and who doesn’t like work with an expert for better deals, it put you in the place of an industry thought leader making you a name and you can figure out what that means,  payoff comes shortly after you have earned their trust.

Don’t you forget the trust factor. First you go from know, like and then trust ( 3Γ— repeat again and again).

A brand that has gone from being known, liked and then trusted can ( because has now become a household/renown name almost) leverage its company brand label or name for that same company second product line – you call that a generic trademarkβ„’ or genericization.

Its like a transfer of a brand trust equity from an established brand that has aquired substential market dominance or mind share to a brand new entrant so much so that whatever quality or character  that has been perceived and associated with the former image will stand for the later too synonymously.  This is actually how product placement deal works.

You can make more sales when you associate an established and trusted brand name… But be careful get necessary permission or you will pay dearly for it if you are caught in the act The best thing is to build yours and the beautiful thing is you don’t have to be a big brand you can start now where you are with the resources you have at your disposal.


its very normal, humans don’t want to part away their money for someone or something they don’t know much about. A credit(credibility) needs to be given for the benefit of the doubt.

 it shows you are out there to make a meaning in someone else’s life rather than making money off them in this case no initial valuable content and relationship had been built just a well crafted sales script right out from the gate.


if you sold people to a lie, 9 out of 10 times you may get a way with that but their comes a point where your trust capital will begin to diminish from 10 countdown, and all the more money you loose. This is a bad return for your business. No you don’t want that or do you?

It’s actually this get rich quick mentality that will make you burn out like fast in any business you venture into. Nothing worth the while comes easy its built, its earned if its to last.

To build a real online business and dispel the ” nothing is real online” misconception, you need to first build your online brand except you want to get into some online yahoo deal ~scamming,  and other sort of make money online scheme ( which i will not go into here or now) then you can choose to remain anonymous, you will only in the long run be deceiving yourself and others with this make quick money sort of thing and it won’t be long before your business will fold up like a pack of sack.


so many ingredient are out of the mix: Engagement, value, consistency, passion, and trust.

There are countless website or brands out their that promises heaven and earth but when it comes down to it you find out it not what you had bargained earlier for and by this time its too late to cry when the head it cut off. I bet you watch-out for this in the space of few years they are here today gone tomorrow, run out of people and out of business.


Have you for any ever reason wondered why it comes so easy for social influencers/stars/celebrity who has been followed and liked over the trajectory of their career by capturing the publics attention with an engaging post to land a product placement deal, act as a brand ambassador for business brands, or have their tweet go viral and shared by their raving audience. No I can’t hear you, did you just say trust? There you go. Trust is the word. A large following as a result of trust built is really a huge potential market i swear down for anything you want to promote either for yourself or a multinational. They get you paid for leveraging on your list.

what am I driving home, you see,  a process of liking and knowing their interest was involved. Are you following and am I making some sense huh!  Alright. You don’t have to be a social influencer maybe you’re a wannabe, all the same, if you can be trusted and known for anything from little in your own little corner it could create an outlet for a bigger opportunity you never thought exist in your wildest dreams.

A brand or business tha’ts stand the test of time is built over time on trust simple as A B C. But your Lecturers in the

 academic settings won’t teach you – oh! we learn how to cheat, some of the formulas that can distinct you and set the course for your success in life.

Has social media helped you build your brand trust or how do you want us to help you build your brand trust.

please drop all your comment at the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by and look out for the next post.

Back in 2017, 2 yrs shortly after he graduated "a second time" from the University, Petovick - now a media personality, founded and lunched, a Lifestyle Career and Celebrity website (subsidiary of PetovickMediaβ„’) where he currently serve as the editorial director. Having two team players in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ and one in Oregon, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ whose goal is to become #1 Industry influencer for aspiring youngster millennials looking to become the new breed of the next gene-Nation of brand-new internet celebrity/media influencer brand that is fast on the rise..

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