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STORY – What Is Your Brand Story? (Once Upon A Time).

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 Its a very noisy and crowded online world we live in, replete with smart media. It poses a challenge if you’re a business to channel your brand story to stay connected.

 Everyone has got something to talk about, something to share and oh! a story to tell someone.

 A recent stat. has it that human attention span is as short as a little above eight sec. Meaning if your ever going to grab attention what you have to say must be compelling enough to touch and move the human heart.

Story sharing has been proven by neuroscience to be the finest way to capture attention. Millennial don’t want to waste there time no more or pay attention to anything that bores or unclear.

They want something light, something specific and that why they do google, if they can’t find it they leave your page and on to the next page. that’s what google is good For – given you precise result for your query.

Same way your brand story shouldn’t be just another story but one that connects, Shareable and straight to the point.

If you clutter your message no one will get it, it won’t make no sense and that is the more reason your brand story should be consistent targeted exclusively for a specific audience.

But the question of which these is – are you doing all that for your brand or your just gonna time away talking about some other band, and yes bandwagon that takes you no where from where you are, add nothing to your life..and Boy! That’s a double whammy or don’t you think its? Taaaa!

The compelling story behind your brand.. not really your product is what sell. Please don’t tell. Demonstrate it only to connect and buy in the mind share of your target audience.

Every original brand story will take its audience on a cruise back to the origin of the story, how it all started, show you problem encountered and how you are here now to help solve the same problem even much better.

Buying from brands is an emotionally motivated and informed decision.

Millennial now a days want to patronize brands they can connect and engage with on a much deep level to build that relate(tionship) not just for their rock solid product but also from.. What’s your story?

Trust is earned first in the course of your narratives through your product offering. This could go a mile or two to add some level of credentials to your brands profile. such kind of testimonial can only emanate from a compelling brand story line.

Your brand story should be replicated across all medium so much so that you don’t need to do any narration for the any little Joe to get the message and relate with it.

A brand story will describe how a problem is and demo how it could be solved.

For your audience to relate well with your story don’t let it be a one time show continuously play the script everywhere with same story line. And that line is the solutions or your message.

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They want to know what drives your brand mission

Are you in business solely for the bottom line or something bigger than you that can accommodate and create space for others to share in your vision and be glad to be a part of your call.

Share your Passion, challenges and wins let your audience or workers take it with them and be part of your story. The more you talk about it the more it will resonate with them.

 Behind every compelling brand story is a compelling personal story. A brand or business or company doesn’t operate by itself its run by a person. Its you that is the real brand that people want to relate with.

Your company is an entity you are an identity.

Every founder of a great brand does this.

How would you like to work, with patronize or become a raven fan or customer to a brand whose brand vision and story speak the language of your dream lifestyle huh?

No you don’t get it. Do you feel they are making any sense, meaning and impact to your life goal or something else.

Tom shoes don’t sell just shoes – the commodity, to its loyal customers it sells altruism ~ that kind gesture and who doesn’t want to be part of such brand.

 When they started It gives one free pair of shoes for every single pair you purchase. it has a single purpose – to Make shoes affordable to the average kid on the street. don’t you think the founder must have had a hard time of his life to afford a pair of shoes.

Yet they have a huge supporters and following.

Humans are very intelligent being they can smell a rat from a distant if your business is out to exploit on their intelligence.

Everyone, I believe has a story captivating enough to pull an audience for your brand no matter the business you are in, this will make you stand out and have that real connection with your customers or target audience/ market as the case my be.

If crafting a branded brand story is not your thing there no defined law against staying Average, playing small and competing with chicks, while you could always run your show and fly sky-high. it your choice.

However the fact still remains, to build a strong business, and mind you business is relationship built over time so you need something compelling to relate with.

What’s your story?

The question is not whether you have a story or not because one does, but is how are you gonna brand, craft and create it to suit your audience and make you stand out among the pack of crowd.

Feel FREE to share at the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by and look out for the next post.

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