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REMARKABLE – How To Get Media Attention For Your Brand.

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“The best way to be missed when you’re gone is to stand for something when you’re here.”…Seth Godin.


Someone once said “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you” … That’s part of the deal anyway. Truth is –  nobody gets unanimous praise ever.”

One of the finest way to make a mark in the world is to be remarkable – As in, notable for something, you don’t get it.

the hallmarks of an outstanding brand in the digital age is to be eminently different from the crowd and get noticed no matter how crazy the act may seem provided it adds value.

Not all extraordinary act are valuable, some could actually soil your image to the mud than make a positive impression.

For example, running with a pant down the street will get you notice isn’t it, but you won’t be making any sense or teaching someone a valuable lesson, will you?

Now, we can call that a remarkable act but it doesn’t make a difference in the world.

Millennial breeds of now a days are daring the unusual.. The best the timid can expect is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out, smack that for all you care, it because you are doing something remarkable.

You see this remarkable youngsters every other day on your TV screen disrupting ideas, setting the pace, blazing the trial, moving brave, pressing forward into the future like no mans business exploring brand new fronts.

If you want to offer something that’s just right for a particular audience, then there will definitely be a market on the opposite end of the table that finds your offering completely unattractive.

You’re never going to have the kind of fans that will embrace and recommend your work hook, line and sinker.  Unless you’re not willing to risk offending some other peoples’ sensibility.

Think of it this way – you can be everything to somebody, or nothing to everybody. It’s your call.

remember, you ain’t in business to serve everyone on the table,

But a selected few who needs and value your service.

 It’s such an important point, though, it’s worth mentioning again, this time in the words of Seth Godin himself:

“The real growth comes with products that; annoy, offend, don’t appeal, are too expensive, too cheap, too heavy, too complicated, too simple – too something. (Of course, they’re too too for some people, but just perfect for others.)”

You don’t need to go out of your way to deliberately offend people, but you do need to push the limits of “acceptable”. You need to be OK with some people just “not getting” what you’re doing, if you want to really appeal to another group.

Mr Seth Godin is such a staunch believer on being remarkable in an unremarkable world. If you’re not indispensable, then you are replaceable. Godin claims there isn’t a shortage of remarkable ideas — every business has opportunities to do great things — there’s a shortage of the will to execute those ideas.

Being remarkable is not about being better than the competition because people, for the most part, are satisfied with what they’ve got. A purple cow is no better or worse than a brown cow, it’s simply different, one of a kind and therefore worthy of notable mention.

Apple gets this right when it introduce a product and later a second product with same functionality but different feel and spec.


Being risky is safe, and being safe is risky.

A powerfully paradox. The safer you play anything in life, the riskier you are. When you – play it safe, you are following a path towards irrelevancy and redundancy. The opposite is also true. taking a bold, calculated risks, you are being a lot safer than you think.

Those very risks help you take control of your own future; your destiny. By not doing what everyone else is doing, you become more desirable. People want to work with you and support your different perspective of the world and   and your controversy on a subject matter.

You need to run your own show like an entertainer to get attention.

The likes of Lady Gaga who show off sensitive parts on media.

Bobrisky gets it too by transmuting to a lady, derenle act like a woman, how about Charley Boy, Naira Marley ( all Nigerian media darling) some get all body surgery and tatoo, these are all examples of remarkable people doing remarkable act.

Not advice-able, its just a case to open up and activate your mental reasoning of what is possible for you.

We live in the third era where marketing is mainly done through recommendation and word-of-mouth, just that the word is now exchanged online, which makes news about good and bad products spread far and wide like virus.

This become so obvious with the rise of brand ambassadors and product placement deals. The traditional marketing has long fallen apart and doesn’t seem to ring any bell.

Turn the negative into opportunity. Like Kim kadarshian am using her cos it a “sorry” of success you can learn from and how it works in that space. No I don’t even advice yo do what she did we all knew her story.

Most outstanding businesses are flesh out of negative experiences. – A frustration, a pain point, a need for something to get better, a message from a misery, an opportunity from obstacle an so on and so forth.

With 102 million followers on Instagram.

You noticed for doing something different and new.

Remark-ability help your brand get free publicity and spokesperson. don’t forget what get noticed will get spoken of always.

Now, we know what being remarkable is and what it’s opposite is: Common, average, familiar, inferior, normal, ordinary, regular, similar, standard…. you get the point.


Those who hate making a difference are the most successful no you dont want to be like every other person.. or do you?

Create things that sets you apart from everyone else and make your part in the world.

You have challenge convention, what are you doing today simply because that’s the way it’s always been done? Shake things up, try something new.

 Remember, It’s about being remarkably –  (faster, slower, hotter, colder, nicer, meaner, bigger, smaller, etc., etc.) and as a result, being irresistible to a tiny segment of the population; a tiny segment that, if done passionately and consistently, will then share your message with the world.

People don’t care what you have to say. They care what their friends have to say about you. Give them something watch, read and talk about. That’s all they can do to promote you and make you more and more… remarkable!

What remarkable thing are you thinking of doing to change your own world?

Please feel FREE to air and share you thought in the comment section below.

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