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QUEST – The Ultimate Search For A Star.

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Have you ever seen a superstars brand? And how much of a difference does it make with a CEO brand.

So you’re in for an ultimate search to make sense and cent in the world out of the life of you huh?

Your welcome on board.

YOUR BRAND PURPOSE: (why) on earth does your brand exist and for whom does it exist? To get cloth on the back on every child? Or if your like me, To empower every creative dropout to build a “MideaBrand” around their idea for fame and fortune even without a college degree

YOUR BRAND VISION: (where) do you see your business going? What are you aiming at say 5 years from now?

YOUR BRAND MISSION: (how) do you intend to achieve your brands vision, your plan A and Back up plan.

YOUR BRAND VALUE: (what) do you stand for that is worth living and dying for believe system, your values, your does and don’ts, what you accept for no less.

BRAND PROMISE: (what) you say you will deliver.

BRAND POSITIONING: is where you stand to differentiate your brand. Your academic performance and position doesn’t make you an outstanding and international player in the real world.

What do you want to be famous for, known for, recognized for, celebrated for.

Are you passionate about becoming something better than at least yourself.

Building an online brand for yourself is of course not a days. Job, its a journey in discovery.


Back in 2017, 2 yrs shortly after he graduated "a second time" from the University, Petovick - now a media personality, founded and lunched, a Lifestyle Career and Celebrity website (subsidiary of PetovickMedia™) where he currently serve as the editorial director. Having two team players in Nigeria 🇳🇬 and one in Oregon, USA 🇺🇸 whose goal is to become #1 Industry influencer for aspiring youngster millennials looking to become the new breed of the next gene-Nation of brand-new internet celebrity/media influencer brand that is fast on the rise..

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