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PERCEPTION – The Reality Of Brand Perception.

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In the world of branding perception is 100% everything and you need to focus on creating a better perception than an a better product. Its how the market feel about your brand and what it promises to fulfill.  

 Just a good product with a better brand  perception will sell at its best.

The biggies out there know down  well how this works.

Coca – cola, a product of the Coke brand is a case to point here. Am using coca cola as reference because its a classic brand anyone on the street can relate to.

They create the “perception of feeling” good and satisfied when you take a bottle of their carbonated (gaseous) soft drink that contains just water ( carbonated) and sugar (sucrose) as it main constituent plus some other chemical elements like colored flavor (coca leaf extract), caffeine, phosphoric acid.

You would have thought like wow.. they are selling you coca cola yes but its one with a difference.

So what are they really selling you on?

Feeling. A feeling of refreshment at that.

Yas, the actual product they are selling is refreshment not the coca cola as your unlearned mind has long though of.

This becomes a brand promise to your target market. you may want to look up coca cola brands promise, what you see goes like this –

“.. to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit…”

Now, back up to my defination on brand perception.

They are three key words right there:

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Let’s go over it one at a time.

Your brands promise is the value proposition your brand or your company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy from you. In other words its the experience they get or take home after doing business with you.

Your brands perception is how you make the Your customers(people)feel and think of your brand based on their experience with it.

Your brands audience or market are the people who get the perception and benefit your brand offers.

 Its the point where what you promise to deliver meets customers experience/expectation.


Brand perception = brand promise + customer experience.

Perception is the reality of life depending on the person who is looking.

Whatever is your perceptive view about something is your own reality.

its important to know before trading your feet into the waters of Making a successful brand for yourself that it all about perception.

If you perceive a brand as authentic or inauthentic your right because its how or the way you perceive it. only your thinking make it so.


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