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ORIGINALITY – How To Differentiate And Distinct YOU Brand.

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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation – Herman Melville

The overall strategy behind being the original brand that you are is for you to know where you are from,  your source, as in your origin.

This will give you a crystal clear understanding of your own race.

Instead of being in someone else’s lane, run their race, wear their jersey number just to be like them.

Originality is the art of concealing your source – Franklin p Jones.

Find and own your own voice,  message, make your own name.

So that whenever Its heard you will be recognized for it. Except you want To be like every other person and make competition your best ally In same league.

The cheapest and easiest thing to do is to be fake and this is not gonna pay the bills.

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. The worse thing you can be is be someones else.

Originality makes you more valuable. You just have to open your creative Juice to think differently, independently and creatively.


 To Be original in business doesn’t mean to invent something totally new, you don’t Have to reinvent the wheel, that’s because nothing is new on e -planet or be perfect, that Is impossible.

Because no one can be perfect. We can only get better and better.

It all boils down to originality and creativity – the two relative words that can be interchanged.

Inject your personality into what already exist and has been proven to be effective as a business model and make it better, then it becomes your own creation.

Everything is a remix ( what I call touch of creativity or difference).

This differentiation is a business strategy that sets your apart from other pack of brands. This is key to your success in the business world but your lecturers won’t teach you this.

Else your just going to become a commodity just like every other business out there.

No one ever build a successful brand by trying to fake it or become someone else.

people love to buy from brands because it convey the perception of quality, standard, trust and an offering of something that is slightly but quite different from Your competition.

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Your ability to create more value in a consistence and exiting way like no other is determined by how original and creative you are – most especially if you don’t work a job for someone else where you slave away your precious time to build an empire for their generation.

But run your own business where you punch your own clock, call your own shot and name your price all you want.

Fact is, you can’t be free to express your innate genius(genuine self) in an environment where you take orders and do only what your told to do.

This is very inhuman.

don’t think for yourself to create the kind of life you so desire just play it save.

it a followers mentality.

An entrepreneur is innovative always on the look out for the next market wave to lash on, because to stay relevant you have to continuously create value and this is how to maximize your life and potential.

The monotonous run of the mill lifestyle doesn’t just sit right with them.

Look inwards, You got something unique and of value on your inside to offer the world.

A story, an experience, an innovative idea, a talent, passion, skill set, knowledge.

You have a gene like no other, one of a kind specie and that is who ya are.

You need to think outside the box to break away and free Yourself from the prison wall of sameness.

Put a dent in the world and the world will, reward, recognize and give you a standing ovation.

`You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.

Small things can make a big difference in the world.

How would you like to add something new into the world?

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