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NIGERIA: Are We Really Independent Or Dependent At 59?

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Nigeria independence day is an annual anniversary done on the 1st of October every once in a year.

She got her independent from the colonial masters in the year 1960. A defining moment in the trajectory of Nigeria political history which meant a whole lot to be liberated from the hands of the Proverbial Egyptian rule to the promise land.

When we look back on our lives From 1960 till now are we really a independent Nation?

Everyone is very much anticipating the turn of the calendar, some have organized a special party event and meetup and others have gone as far as buying a special green and white attire just to mark this day in honor of their beloved Country, even google is not left out in the thrill by changing its doodle on it’s search area.

After all these jamboree, are we truly a free and happy people, even though our slogan sing we are?

Are you truly a born Nigerian, free to fight for your own land without opposition by your own fellow country man?



May I plead your indulgence to describe the Nigerian state as an old stunted child who is still underdeveloped due to political health condition of a corrupt system.

We have got so much growing up to do.

We still depend like babies who cry for help despite resources available at her disposal at the mercy of a Unity State. lacking independent thought of her own.

She is growing holder giving birth to millions of people in geometric progression by the year but growth financially, economically, socio – politically is nothing to explain to her fathers.

We are dependent on virtually everything.

Oil, graduate unemployment, importation of foreign goods, uncalled for foreign aids,

All these are signatures that we are not truly an independent Nation free from all These anxieties.



isn’t it funny felicitating something we should think deeply about. we are really in a messed up state?

Except you are a party to those sharing the national cake but if not you need to give yourself brain and fight only for what you can control it explain why this vibrant youth want to leave the country at all cost to search for a greener pasture. who’s to be blamed is not your fault.

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We all know the fact that the system has been corrupted to the very root.

That explains why its citizen would rather celebrate it on a low key as we are becoming more and more sensitive to what has bedeviled us as a people.

Yet the Government will want us to think that we have Come a long way with all those year on year jamboree, when in reality we are way behind time.

No matter how hard they try to trick our brain, the spirit of October 1st celebration cannot be brought back. we are not fools we can tell the difference if something is right because we have been in this mess long time and can still up until now feel the chains of bondage placed on us before independence.  

Its so pathetic that those who fought for the independence are same people running down the system. Forgetting their cause for the sake of greed and monetary gains.


Its high time we begin to ask ourselves what can we do for our country not what can our country do for us. We have been glamouring for change long time but each time we do what we get us something worse. They where poor people before independence and there are still poor people today.

A change in Government or your lamentation won’t change a thing if you don’t decide to change your thinking. That’s all you can control. The system is made up already, hard to bend to your will and wish.

The best kind of freedom there’s is personal freedom. this is my submission


In all, I say congratulations my dear beloved country in a depressed state.




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