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MEDIA – Recognition For Your Brand.

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” if you are on the Social media, it either your making a name for yourself or your making a name for someone else. There’s no middle ground” –

Making yourself a name (brand) in the media age around your niche idea is easier now than ever before.

Its as simple as all the point in each series I will be doing from A to Z.

These are the characters you need to posses to make your brand image shine through like a celebrity, and who doesn’t want that.

Its simple because there’s a process and its also not easy because its not a days job.

But thanks to digitization, leveraging the Social Media can make the adventure become an overnight success.

But don’t worry we will get to that soon, am going to be showing you how in this series.

You see, building a brand or making a name for yourself as a career or business person in the media age is a lot like attaining the celebrity status, where you become top of mind in your industry.

Every business want to acquire a loyal customer base as a would celebrity – a loyal following on the Social media.

The world want to follow someone with passion for a cause.

Nobody wants to follow or be behind someone taking them nowhere ahead of them.


Thanks to world globalization, the creative Economy and digitization once again.

Just about anyone who’s talented or with an innova-distruptive idea (if there is any word like that in your dictionary) or a different perspective on a controversial subject and looking to make an impact in their industry, or wherever they find themselves and in whatsoever they do.

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And the good news I want to break for you now is – you expressly of course don’t need a single degree from any traditional media academy or any one of the Ivy league colleges.

All you need is a creative idea.

If you can think of making an already existing thing a little better than you met it – viola, you got a business idea right there.

The media has become a leveler, a playing ground for anyone to showcase (brandish) their talent and flaunt what they have on offer to the world.

It a platform where you can stand out and impact the world with the investment of your personality.

This is my best definition for success in as much as the media age is concern.

This is one of the finest possible way ever to market yourself faster at the least cost.

The world has changed real fast, and the way we do things and get result has taken a different paradigm too. Are going to be left behind time.

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Back in 2017, 2 yrs shortly after he graduated "a second time" from the University, Petovick - now a media personality, founded and lunched, a Lifestyle Career and Celebrity website (subsidiary of PetovickMediaβ„’) where he currently serve as the editorial director. Having two team players in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ and one in Oregon, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ whose goal is to become #1 Industry influencer for aspiring youngster millennials looking to become the new breed of the next gene-Nation of brand-new internet celebrity/media influencer brand that is fast on the rise..

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