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LEVERAGE – Support And Build Your brand.

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Leveraged Brand.

This is the 12th of 26 series on building an outstanding online brand around your niche idea for greater impact and reward in the millennial digital age.

One of the most sexy secret of building a brand for yourself in the digital world is leverage.

Leverage is getting a lot done with little effort, time, knowledge/expertise, tools and money of your own.


Leverage makes building your personal or business brand all the more easier and faster than you could do all by yourself.

It a strategy in which the success of one brand positively impact on the success of the other brand.

In physics we learnt from the simple pendulum experiment that a Lever is a support.

You can leverage the power of your personal brand to support and build your business brand.

This is no news, that is the way its, people who understand this use it to their advantage.


Kanye west, the world pop culture musical icon best known for his Grammy-winning rap albums.

Leverage his influence and that of another strong sport brand – Adidas to introduce and promote a high-end new foot ware line – yeezy brand own by him, into the sporting shoe market to compete with Nike.

that way, both brands can increase their popularity and market share so that whenever a consumer of yeezy wear it’s shoes they will have same feeling of wearing Adidas shoe brand,

And a feeling of being affiliated to a celebrity. His yeezy shoe brand couldn’t have recorded any success but for leveraging His personal brand and that of Adidas already established street wear segment.

Which has made for robust company earnings and brand growth since it was introduced into the market.

What a perfect collabo.

As for you,

you may not have the privilege of leveraging Adidas like Kanye west but you could always start using brands that are a little established and recognized than yours, gradually but surely that’s how you go from there.

There are a whole lot of examples.

How about the saga between Starbucks and Spotify, Apple and Nike, Amazon and American express.

I could go on and on for a bucket full of list but lemme not bore your ear. I believe you have gotten a clear  cut picture of the gist here as would your Instagram.

The smartest  people in the world are not the most intelligent people, they only know and are smart at hiring and working not for but with other people smarter them.

You can only go so far working all by yourself. You need leverage to get a lot done, and to reach your peak in record time.

Now watch this scenario.

A story was told of two young ladies Jenifer and Lopez who were to leave for an interview at a distant city. one was time conservative and the other money conservative.

Jenifer thought well, she could save her time at the expense of money and use it to do what is most important to her and make more money with it on the side. She decided to go by air.

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Whereas, Lopez who was money conservative thought that she could save some buck at the expense of time so she went by road.

And guess what happened to both.

One arrived right on time and still have plenty of time in her hand to meet up with another appointment. And the other couldn’t meet up and wound up wasting her time and money.

You can get back money once its lost but cannot get back your time once lost is lost for eternity.

Another way to explain leverage is using manual labor for production instead of employing machinery.

Don’t get it twisted the idea of building a brand for yourself doesn’t mean “if its going to be done well you do it all by yourself.

You don’t have to be one of the best brand in your niche before your perceived as one of the best.

You can leverage one of the best brand out there in your niche to endorse, approve your brand then you will have the public perception of your brand being one of the best in your niche.

This is the power of association and of course leverage.

This explains why up and coming brand use or leverage already established brand to promote their own brand and lever it up as in Kanye’s case.

Have you ever patronize a brand just because a celebrity or a well know, much liked and trusted brand or celebrity/brand ambassador endorse them?

That is the point am trying to hammer.

We are naturally inclined to buy from brand we are familiar with.

Apart from using other recognized brand as a lever to push your brand one notch up,

Your brand can get a whole lot of opportunities than you could have have imagined.

As a brand your been perceived as an authority, brand convey a sense of quality and trust.

But wait,

In the first place what makes you or others think your a brand?

You are not a brand if you are a commodity.


Let me explain,

If what your business offer is not different from the other business offer – making your completion all over the place.

A brand differentiate themselves among the rest in their offering.

They can be recognized a mile away.

They have a consistent message.

Social media has come to stay and its not going away anytime soon. It a platform for just about anyone with a good idea to leverage in building a brand for themselves.

It has never been this easier.

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