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JOIN – Company With Other Brands.

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Big brands are not build on solo.

Smart brands leverage on other brand to make them out smart other brands.

 They join other already established brand to build their own brand by offering to help, by partnership –  that way, they can be known liked and trusted by others. That is to say, get more visibility, credibility and authority.

What a Lift

Join a club, group, forum, a network of like minds. Go with the mind of adding value, make your own contribution and presence known in whatever industry you find yourself.  

This could mean creating valuable content on industry trends and updates, playing the part of one a though leader –  that’s how to bring value to the table in your industry, by doing this your are strategically positioning yourself and automatically building your brand and network too on the side.

You could join a community to or for support you brand and to learn how to build your own community.

Don’t forget, joining a network of like minds is a two way street. A kinda give and take thing.

You add value to stay relevant, you get value too. You give your time to learn, you take time to grow.

Joining A Particular Network Will Require:


  1. You Have Something Of Value To Bring To The Table.

What valuable skill sets, knowledge does your brand has on offer.

Don’t make them call you liability or a pain in the ass for just warming the chair.

No one want to be associated with that kind of person. Not even a liability wants to be associated with their kind.

The mistake and wrong mindset most people have when joint a group is what they can get out of the group, not what they can contribute. That’s a “what is in it for me” mentality. Instead ask what can I do to contribute.

Your life will count all the more and be meaningful by how much you give not how much you get.


  1. Willingness To Get Involved, Engaged Share And Contribute Your Quota.


Give it all your best, your time for your impact and mark to be felt. You can easily get ex – communicated from a group if your just a figure head, a bystander or a “Luke”

Join in the conversation. You are there to make your opinion count. That way they know what you stand for and what your values are. It gives the perception that you are one of the go – to resource expert in your industry.


  1. Capacity To Learn And Grow.

As stated earlier you don’t join a group for all you can get but for the value you want to add by staying committed to learning to become independent.

The more about a group you learn the more impact you can make for the growth of your brand and to that of others.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

You can only flaunt it if you think you’ve got it.

Below Are Examples Of Brands Built To World Class Based On Powerful Networks.


The Starbucks brand has been synonymous with community for quite a while, it’s how well they’ve crafted their brand image.

“Outside each cafe’s walls, Starbucks has continued to do an amazing job of strengthening their community bond with numerous social initiatives and activities to boost member interaction and engagement level.

One great social impact initiative is the volunteer matching service they created to help partners and community members engage with each other, and help those outside the community that need assistance”.


“When you think about brands that have a huge community of followers, one of the first ones you probably think of is the House of Mouse.

For a company that was founded nearly 100 years ago, Disney has done everything possible to make their brand not just a media company, but a complete entertainment customers experience.

With beloved characters like Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck, their films and stories are the perfect vehicle for building lasting emotional relationships and connection with each of their customers, no matter where they are in the world.”


In building an influencer brand we often time we miss the opportunity of networking both online and offline. It not only opens the door to new jobs and opportunities, but an avenue to build lasting and valuable relationships.

Though not a new concept, the power of making meaningful connections and joining a group has become more important than ever in today’s social media driven world.

 You are who you connect with, and how a brand is perceived from others creates a lasting impression. Professional growth depends on networking, and should be viewed as an important part of your branding strategy.



 Staying active and relevant on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus Hangouts, Instagram Groups, and Twitter Chats will show others that you are serious about becoming a valuable contributor and connection.



This business-minded social network is the ultimate place for networking and influence But having a well laid-out profile is not enough. By joining the right groups for your niche market and actively engaging in conversations, what you are actually doing is – you are attracting like-minded individuals to your brand. It is important to send out personalized messages, and not sell to people in your network.



A great way to connect with others in your field or industry is to join in on professional associations, meetings and events. You will be surprised at how many you find on this powerful network in you area of specialization. Make a new connection each week.

 Make it a goal to meet a new contact in your niche on a weekly and monthly basis, and at the end of the quarter you will have noticed growth not only from these people, but also from those who have found your brand through these connections.



In what ways can you effectively build your network?

Getting really involved in whatever group you join, through reaching out, guest blogging, thanking others for their content and services, and sharing valuable information from those inside your niche, and so on.

How being part of something much bigger than you expand your brand reach and influence?

Please feel FREE to contribute and join in the Conversation at the comments.




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