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IDEA – Celebrate It, Rule Your World.

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The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”– John Maynard Keynes. 


If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old” 
― Peter Drucker



This is a very interesting topic I could just wake up in the middle of my dream and hold a class on this all day long, but that is just by the way.


The days when you where told to go to school work hard to get a good grades so as to get a good job in a good company with a good retirement plan are behind us.


But hey wait,


Do our kids still get same old school advice?


Little wonder we are trapped in a moribund system that worked for our parents some 50 or even as close as 10 years ago.


It different now, things are not the same anymore.


Thinking getting a college degree is a metric for success is to live in the past with an illusion that you are current.


You see! being up to date in life is not going to school to study some outdated courses with no real world application or reading news and current affairs.

Being up to date in life is activating your mental processes, its to look years ahead into the future and catch a vision for your life.


Let me set this straight,


 Its not that am anti – education, infact am a big one when it come to education, only that its not the kind of education we are used to that makes this youngster millennials become a liability to themselves, their relations and the society instead of an asset that creates value and opportunities for others .




The main objective of education is to make you adequately independent, empowered, equip your mind with the right tools and skill sets to face the challenges of the real world.


Today, what we see are graduates without bearing for their lives, no inkling of a job in sight. always asking “what is in it for me” –


The lizard mentality hoping from one job opportunity to the other, rather than to think what can I do for others at least for myself.


This is so pathetic because we have been sold to a lie our fathers bought into and now gate keeping is the only good job they can get out there.


We have been programmed to not think for ourselves, not to challenge the status quo of life, become average, follow the ruler, the one course or path that our fathers walked.


You will have noticed millennials of this days gets older before they leave their parents home.


In the past our parents don’t have to look for jobs upon graduation they where so many industries looking to hire a graduate with attractive offers and fringe benefits ranging from car loan, mortgage loan, guaranteed retirement packages.

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Who does that now.



companies want to make more profit by cutting cost, do work more efficiently and this is why tech is taking your job as it will get the job done better, cheaper faster.this is how you become less valuable.

Your traditional skill irrelevant and your degree a commodity, and what a commodity does is compete.




This is where building a brand designed around an innovative idea that create opportunity and value for others comes in here for mention.

That is the only way to get paid and that is what it means to be successful


Success is the measure of how much value you create for others.


Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality.


Everything in life is packaging and to brand yourself is to find your gift develop it package it and market it to the world


That’s is the idea .


Ideas are not hard to get we have not been taught how to create one all we can do is find a work. Ideas are invisible to us because they are dressed in overall .


You definitely don’t need an MBA degree from one of the ivy league colleges but just a touch of creativity – an innovative ideas that disrupt the existing one and viola, you are a creator, master of your own craft, a CEO in your own right of the brand that you are, taking 100% full responsibility and in charge of your destiny.

I cannot emphasis this so much.


This is by far the only way to free yourself from the run of the mill system. If you are in doubt ask the Arabians they where here before you.




I was on the look out for an alternative course to take to make a name for myself and matter in this world and so I had to drop out of the system that wasn’t meant for me….


Do you know other pathways to be truly successful.

Be celebrated like a celebrity.

Be recognized in the international scene for your work and contribution to human cause, to become the CEO of YOU brand, attract opportunities.

Increase your value perception, maximize your talent, create something for others,

position yourself as an authority in your niche, sell and market yourself better to potential investors and employers… other than the good old school path?


Please feel free and share your thought at the comment section below.


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