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HELP – Create Value For Others.

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Help reach out to others.

 “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

You can actually do your business/brand a favor by helping others.

This is not unprofessional but a tested business practice I have seen work time and again.

Don’t try to sell someone on something before you ever try to help them get what they want or else you come off as promotional and salsy. People dislike that.

Helping someone to see the the benefit of a thing most especially if you are just starting out as a business comes natural than just pushing the sales button upfront.

It could be just a little act of referring your customers to useful resources, brands or organization that could help with their needs.

You’re more likely to succeed as an entrepreneur if you’re motivated by helping solve other people’s problems and not your own.

I have done this for countless of customers in my wears business and the result has been – incredible. From building valuable relationships to recommendation and repeat sales.

You can never go wrong lending an  helping hand.

If I don’t know you, like you and trust you why in the world should i buy from you.

Part of the process of becoming an influencer brand is showing off your expertise by helping people in your niche with what they want to build that needed  traffic, among which are loyal multi-million dollar paying clients.

That’s the way it’s in the online space.

Over the course of my 4 years experience in the clothing line, I have discovered one of the finest ways to build your business – any business is to help customers build theirs by getting them what they want. Most especially if they are re-sellers.

You need to come to that place where you value people more than profitability. People will invariably bring in the profit all you want.


The most successful and world class brands are where they are today because they started with a mission and a single goal to value people over profitability.

Talk about coca cola, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook.

Entrepreneurs like Toms founder Blake Mycoskie built a multi national business  with social good in mind. Toms donates a pair of shoes to those in dire need. For every pair of shoes a customer purchase. The organization is concerned with much more than making a profit – it’s looking to make a social impact.

I do not mean to say you should donate a pair of shoes as in the case of Tom.

But hat’s how a social media influencer brand thinks. And i hope you get the idea.

Starting your business idea -a profitable one at that becomes easy when you think of helping people solve their problems.

Don’t allow the thinking of how much you can make get into the way. We all know that money comes from helping others with the their problems.

The right mindset when going into business is not to think of how much money you could make but how many people you can help solve their problem.

Extra – ordinary businesses are built that way.

If just a few thousands of people who come by my blog are ask to pay just a few cents for the content they consume or the product I promote you know how much that will amount to in your country’s currency.

Virtually all 500 Fortune companies are built using this model. You won’t see instant success and income. The pay off is huge if you stay at it.

It’s a common business start up strategy that works.

Find an idea, find your buyers, create the product, get it out there by charging very little or for free so that it can reach the hands of do many without price or product acquaintance barrier. From there you get feedback as to whether to discontinue or improve to cut down on cost of production to its barest minimum.  

It can go for absolutely free at first depending on your business strategy model and goal.

Like the content you are consuming here are all free. The strategy behind this has always been to build rapid connection, valuable relationship, to build trust, likes, visibility and credibility and authority as a goto resource by providing valuable/quality contents.

I get speaking and writing engagement, product placement deals from firms and hold live interview sessions with up and coming talents and media celebrities.

Also create content for websites.

All these and more are the behind the scene benefits for helping others create free valuable niche media contents.

That’s all I tell people whenever i get asked how do I foot my bills from churning out free media contents.

I have a Platform where I promote other things for a premium from the free traffic I have built here. You see! It’s a win – win thing. I do you a favor i get it back many times over.

Mind you, your not going to be building a charity organization where everything is free. You will be building a real business where you can charge a premium.

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Starting a business to help others requires the willingness to put people first than profitability. You’ll need to make people and your mission the top priority.

Running a successful business is ultimately about helping others. Someone has an issue that is causing them some form of pain and you have the product or service with the solution they need. That’s it.

Despite how simple this is, people don’t get it. They miss it.

I have very little ads budget, I don’t try to force someone to buy from me the People I help create viable content on my blog do that for me by texting me to their fiends and family. Word of mouth! The best type of marketing that spread like wild fire.

Not having enough money is never a barrier to “Starting” a business but your unwillingness to help enough people solve their problems

Often times this occurs because people are too focused on themselves rather than helping others, or what they can get out of running a business—whether it’s more money or being able to quit their day job or have the the free time to travel the world.

They have yet to realize that running a business isn’t about them at all, it’s about helping others—it’s about easing someone else’s suffering.

By shifting focus from what Gabby Bernstein calls me to we.

In order to be successful in business you must take the attention off of yourself and instead focus on helping others. By combining this with what you’re naturally good at and enjoy, you’ll have the recipe for success.

Read Gary  Vernerchuck book: The thank you economy.

 I tell you many get rich quick “entrepreneur” will not agree with me and that’s is OK because our motive for going into business or building a brand is different. Am motivated to create influence in my space or domain by helping others create a valuable media. contents i which i get rewarded by google in so many ways.

You would think am actually working for free by charging you nothing  but am actually working for a premium behind the scene.  Read 30 benefits of …

With this in view, starting a business with little to money is possible.

I believe that helping people is more important than the dollar.

I’m the last person who thought starting a business that offered free assistance on a regular basis would be profitable or even a good idea.

“The main driver of my referrals is how I help people for free. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do charge for my services, but I also take time out of my day to help those when they have questions or when there is an issue. Taking a few minutes here and there isn’t going to kill anyone, but it certainly can brighten someone’s day and potentially give you business later down the road” – A fellow stated.

When you make a difference in peoples life to u will make money. Impact precede influence and ultimately income fame and fortune.


You see, the more people you help. The more people know you. The more people ask you questions about their business. The more you understand about business needs.

The more people are willing to pay you. The more you understand about what businesses want and need; the better your company will be at servicing these needs.

“Kathryn Jones is one of the many people who decided to turn her passion for improving others’ lives into a business that is helping children who are facing medical treatment get the emotional support they need.

Kathryn is co-founder and head of product development for SuperHealos, a company dedicated to helping children facing medical treatment feel like superheroes.

Through physical rehab, she helps people of all ages live their lives as independently and meaningfully as possible.”


As a startup, there are many competition out there in your niche. Free is how to attract them like a bait people like free stuff. Except your the only expert one in dominating the category you can charge a premium right out if the gate all you want.

We’ve all been in a position where we might not have been in the money and just needed someone to help. I’m glad my business can be there for those people calling for assistance.


Don’t give people your time if they won’t value it. People will pay for only what they value. Sometimes what you get for free all of the time is not valued.


Have you for any ever reason or cause help someone? And what is the result of that gesture.

Make a list of the customers in a target audience you would like to help and feel FREE to tell us how you want to go about it in the comments.

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