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GOOGLE – How To Rank First For Your Brand Name On Google.

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Google your name



So you want to rank first page for your name upon google search but not so sure how.

An entire industry has been built to answer this million dollar question.

I did it for, a dozen of others.

I will show you how here and now.

Google stats on page ranking has it that 79 of searchers will click on the first three links of the searched page only about 10% will goto the second page

Millennial don’t want to flip over the second page any further than the first page of google search result, if they are searching for something neither do employers.

Read on..

That’s why ranking high for your name is not only important but necessary if you are looking to build your brand online, don’t you forget –

This website you are unto right now is all about how you can build an Internet celebrity/influencer online brand designed around your distinct packaging and idea that gets lots of recognition, make impact, attract industry opportunities, effective sales record, marketing edge, become an authority in your domain or space, and ultimately live your dream lifestyle.

So many people have walked the path.

And am not saying this just because Jackson did it then you should do it. No no.. You only need to if you want to rank first. Like 1 not 21.

Mind you, this is not rocket science just about anyone with an innovative idea and looking to make impact can do it.

And you guess what?

We all know that, its a global fact – in this age where a good number of the world’s most influential people.

(Your level of influence is measured in terms of the strength of followers and the degree of valuable impact and contribution you are making in your industry) are every other day stemming from the digital sky blues.

You of course don’t need to have any college degree from any of the Ivy league colleges to become your own brand CEO just a profitable idea away and your ability to think outside the box of conventional wisdom.

An idea you say, oh yeah! you heard that right.

If you can not be found online then your are no where and nobody will know you

This is where having your own personal website that you

 have 100% control of the narrative comes in for mention apart from having account from other social platforms.

This makes your name look professional and branded to potential customers.

You will be recognized first by google before the world will.

If google don’t know your name who will…

Let’s look at some other statistics

If you’ve never googled your name, give it a shot and see if you’re accurately represented because that first impression matters a whole lot to your brand, profession, business or career.

80 million names are Googled each and every single day.

75% of HR department are required to research candidates online.

80% have turned down based on negative content. Over half will actually make decisions based on positive content they find.

How about this.

Your URL name determine 95% google result.

URL title determine 50%.

URL meta description 25%.

Content 25%.

Google love website and for its content more than anything.

That’s why it gives it first Place in any brand name ranking. Neil Patel mention a joke that’s normally Ask that ” Where should you hide something that you want nobody to find?”

Someone said – “on Google’s second page of course. Funny huh! Don’t fall for it.

Millennial don’t flip through to the second  page for a query, only on the few links on the very first page.

If they can’t find it in the first page they will assume it cannot be found else where, they look something else, it may be considered a low in quality to their search need.

And is a challenge for digital marketers and brands to rank first for their brand name on Google’s SERPs – search engine result pages.

95% percent of people never never make it past the first page of google.

You need to rank for at least the first three 3 links on Google’s first page.

Googles criteria for ranking varies so is SEO very crucial.

One of the popular question I get asked from people is how they can rank first page for their brand name on google.

Well, there are two key ways to rank first for your brand name on google.


The first is through paid ads which I don’t recommend. Its here today and gone tomorrow. Yes you can pay you way to the top 1 of page of google called google Ads.

You partner and sign up with google. You tell them how long the paid search Ads will run so that they stop charging you pay per click PPC. Its easier for most company doing Ads for a branded product to opt for this.

The more you pay the higher you rank for a name – yes, its like auction you get it. The highest bidder thing.



The other way to rank top 1,2,3.. on google search engine is the natural method. These are the main results that shows up below the Ads or local map section on search engine results pages.

And its exactly what I use to rank top 1 for on Google’s SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages

many factors that Google uses when ranking relevancy. The practice of optimizing your web presence so that it shows up organically on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are 12 tested and tried ways you can organically rank first for your brand name upon google Search.

1. Get a unique domain name.

A common or related domain name will push down your ranking for already established ones. Don’t forget like I always love to say. There is no real competition for being unique and authentic.

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When you search for this website petovick all you see is all of petovick on Google’s first page about 5 – 6 link Displayed.

2. Optimize your contents for your humans

 Your audience not for google. The body of your content is key to search engine. People can only find you base on     the quality information you have created and that they searched for. Google won’t show poor result to searcher.Because they have competitors – the likes of and

 Don’t create content that is off – Key.  People go to google – (a place where you get whatever query you are searching for) for a specific search. There are many contributors to Google’s content. You are not google why keep general content.

 your content should be strictly created around your niche topic – and that’s is how a search for a key phrase in          your content comes easy. I did something one day.

I used the exact key phrase of one of my content headlines. And you couldn’t just believe it, when I hit search the result for that came up was my page.

3. Create valuable, quality and relevant content.

  Google reward you for this by ranking you page on top. Another point close to the first to consider is google               algorithms power computers are smart and can tell if your content is outdated, copied and pasted.

4. Submit your URL at google search console.


5. Allow google to access your site. Formally known as webmaster

   That you do yourself at the dashboard back office of your site.

6. You need to that domain name hosted.

   All we have pointed won’t make any sense if you want just a name to rank without a URL.Universal Resource           Location. Google love website. Your chance of ranking with a website is the highest you can get. Most preferably a .com

 7. Your sites title.

     It is the title for your site normally place along your site name. Craft it well and create content around it.


8. Your meta tag description and image alt tags.

     Describes in few words of about a paragraph long what your site is all about.

    If you want a Particular image to show on Google’s top search page give it a name, you k ow why! I tell you. You       see google cannot see it can only read text. The best way to do this like I do easily consistently is to give that             image you want to appear on google page the name of your site. (Show snapshot)

9. Niche Down tightly.

That’s how to dominate for your brand name on google search and beat competition to the punch. Formally, it was easier to dominate even though your is a broad one.

Any people have the same idea for a brand name, so be smart enough to go down to the specifics of what your idea is that get that domain registered. Google recognize a domain authority.

10. Go for a realistic keywords.

Anyone can get the top spot in Google, if they target the right keyword. If you choose keywords that are obscure enough, it’s easy to rank.

Of course, we don’t want to rank for obscure keywords; we want to rank for keywords that people are exactly looking for. Real queries that someone typed in their browser.

Using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool to look for relevant keywords that have a decent number of searches, but little competition.

Once your website has a bit more authority and you’re ranking for a number of easier keywords.

11. Quality and quality of inbound links.

The number of highly rated site linking to and fro your site content.

Guess posting or commenting on popular site. This site will ask you to drop your URL.

Like what I did at

You know him. That great guy all the way from Ohio. that single action surge my ranking.


12. Use same brand name consistently across all your social media platforms and channels.

  Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,YouTube. They will drive traffic to your site. Increasing your ranking.


To have back to back success online.


I like that  – you are pressed to release the best out there else competition will deal a blow on you.

So when next you are choosing brand name create something you-nique uncommon since branding you is about marking yourself standout from the rest.

get a unique domain, host and get it indexed on google, create quality content, use keywords in your content,

Make it catchy, simple, memorable,

There couldn’t be a better way to make a name for yourself and rank first upon google search than now so don’t wait forever because before you say jack Robinson someone have taken your ideal

brand name.

Go! stake your claim now.

Have you other ways to rank first page for your brand name? Please feel FREE to drop your points at the commenting section below.















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