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FOLLOWERS – How To Build A Loyal Online Following For Your Brand.

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Today, you can gain a bunch of followers doing a dance in a cute bikini, and suddenly, you’re a superstar. Or you could just be a beautiful girl posting pictures of yourself and get discovered that way – Amber Valletta.

Building a loyal online following for your brand is more like building a customer base for your business. And like every relationship that turns out to be valuable, It’s built overtime.

From your followers getting to know you, like you and trust your offering. It will take time to grow, it won’t happen overnight. Nah! Not in your wildest dream.

In the online world making genuine money comes after a trust deposit has been earned from VALUE provided CONSISTENTLY.

As a would be social influencer you will have followers as your brand evolve.

But, it is only valuable if you have the right likes of people following. A big magic number won’t cut it.

The real question here and now is – are those flowers bought or built to last based on TRUST earned from existing relationship?

Just because an influencer has more followers than you doesn’t mean they are more influential than you. Influence is quite relative, depending on who is following. Waow!.

See, In a world where half the percentage of the millennial spend half of their day online. There couldn’t have been any better place than social media to have true followers for your brand.

A wise guy once said: ” Rich people build assets, wealthy people build networks” you know who that wise guy is?  me! Funny.

To go very far and viral online you need to open your mind, share your content for to millions, they will invariably help you share it too. A win – win thing huh! Think big , don’t just sell fish sell the net.

You will struggle to make much or sell even the best product online and or offline (who cares, who know you, who trust it) if you have not build audience trust, like and known.

But after this even a shit will sell like hot cake. “That’s the way it’s” says Mama.

So whether you are just starting out with getting followers or you’ve been trying real hard for quite some time to build the ones you already have, below are some great ways to increase your followers rate.

Don’t want to bore you down with lists as would others.

There Are Three Key Points You Need To Consider

You will figure other things along the way.




First thing first is to figure out the people or market out there your brand want to serve, meet them where they socialize.

Things to consider are:

.Their value – what do they value most and can spent their time and money on.

.Demography – study their population, age group, gender.

.Buyers persona – what drive or inform  their decision and attitude towards buying.

Ask yourself some questions about who you are trying to reach:

How old are they? Where do they live?What do they do for work? When and how do they use Instagram? What are their pain points and challenges?

Answering these questions will help you craft the right kind of content to bring in reach the right followers.



People will only follow you because they have come to know, like and trust you over a certain period of time of engaging with your brand. Don’t limit yourself to sharing

text on your twitter or blog.

Engaging content gets people to like, comment on, and share your posts. That engagement gives you an Instagram algorithm boost and helps you get more reach and new followers.

There are other ways to get followers engaged.

.Video –  Short clips(30 sec. to 3 min videos) the shorter the more engaging and powerful).


. Instagram, YouTube,  Vimeo are all good for that. As visual as we are as humans we love to see. We can stand to watch a 60 minutes interesting clip than spent half the time to read a post.

. Images – clear images, one that set a picture of the idea you are trying to convey in motion in their minds. -statistics show that Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more likes and 150% more retweets. photos on Facebook receive 53% more likes than the average post and attract 104% more comments.

. Inforgraphics –  Are information displayed in graphics.



This is a big lever.

As you begin to gain traction from followers at the start, you too should follow other influencers back in your space who have built their own following to some extend further than yours.

This you do by posting regularly on their platform and submitting your social media handles or URL.

There’s no hard and fast rule to how much you can post. The point is to be top of mind.

Let me give you a simple. Formula I learnt.

Follow + Like + Comment (FLC)

By commenting on their posts, sharing their tweets, and engaging them in one one one conversation online, you are bound to get more eyeballs on your stuff.

Think of it this way. In order to get noticed, you need to network with the right people online. Pick 2-5 influencers and engage with their content. Write comments, engage in their community, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions or help.

By so doing you will put yourself and your profile on the radar of the influencer and their followers. This visibility will land you a bigger following but also put you on a path to become an influencer yourself.




This one is not rocket science, though it is a science called social proof, specifically celebrity social proof. Off the top of your head, you can probably think of a few personal brands that skyrocketed to success after an endorsement, approval or recommendation from someone – a brand much bigger than them. This has been called the “Oprah Effect.”



Visit the profiles of each person you’ve identified as an influencer in your space (a person who influences the people you want to get in front of) You can then interact with them on a regularly basis and become one of their favorites.



This work a lot with social network like WhatsApp. When you check out someone’s status to see what they are up to, there’s every chance that they will check you out back when they see that you follow them.

On Instagram, When you follow a user on there’s a good chance they will check out your feed. If it’s full of compelling content that’s relevant to their interests, they’re likely to return the favor.


It’s a great idea to follow those top users’ followers, too. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t follow too many other accounts too fast. Your follower ratio is important for credibility.

Get involved by liking, commenting on, and sharing content from other credible users in your community. Avoid generic and short comments like “Great post! Nice one,    Oh! Wow” No these are not impressive and engaging comments for people you look up to.


when users interact with your posts, that activity is visible to their followers. So give them something awesome to interact with!.

How often should you post?

Well, An analysis by Tailwind found that daily posting will “grow followers four times faster than posting less than once a week.”

Do you know other ways influencers get a loyal following?

Feel FREE, tell us – at the comments.


















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