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EMAIL – Build Your Brands List.

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Email list building.

“The emails are an important reinforcement of brand. It really helps establish credibility upfront.” -Brandon Stewart.

Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. ( McKinsey )

The question now is:

How in the world do you collect a database of visitors/ customers? Answer; Your email list.

How do you get to reach them some other time? Answer; Your email list.

Why would you choose to promote your offering to existing customers and avoid the trouble of your life pitching new clients? Answer; Your email list.

All three in one answer.

Ever heard ” Cool money is in the list”

You would thought I have started making that kind of money to quote this line.

Nope? Truth be told.

I could only document my process and steps am taking to achieve that feat.

But I could make references of those who have walked the part and now we have their story to share.

From first hand experience with my mentors in this space I cross my heart to tell you that was not a line made up for a movie script. It for real okay.

If your business go out of market trend definitely you will lose if not all to some of your customers unless you have their data to take them along with the current market wave.


you lost your startup business capital to poor financial decisions – which you are likely to experience in the early stage of your business.

If you had build an email list of existing customers that may be all you will need for your business to come around again.

On the reverse scenario.

Not building a list will take you longer time to acquire new customers.When building a list you are advised to start early.

And know that you are in it for the long haul because it won’t happen overnight.

its your cash-flow producing asset that milk the cash cow on autopilot

Its a lot like building asset.

If there’s only one thing I know about making real money in this space is – its not a get rich quick scheme there’s no such thing as that there are other ways to make quicker buck with short term benefit.


What’s the real world application of list building and how it can be applied to or impact your business brand.

Let’s assume the word list can be exchanged for the word asset, and of course that is what it’s.

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Let’s start from home you are your parents list.

How? You say, you stay with me for a mo’

Because they have done all they could to care for you up until now.

In same vain celebrities have their raving fans and have to do anything in between crazy to nasty to build and keep that loyal fan that will follow them all the way even to the end of their career.

they are so called celebrity just because they have fans, in other words without the following they are back to the base.

If you are a business your customers paying customers at that are your greatest asset.

That explains why you should care for their needs or else they will drop you like hot iron for your competition and in a snap of a finger you are out of business, they are the reason you are in business.

Its a two way street.

It creates that kind of link between the two parties in question. – the business brand and the customers.

  • Business is about building relationship, this can be reinforced with email campaign, people are most likely to do business with someone they know like and trust.
  • The business owner wants to keep selling to same loyal customer – repeat sales and the customer wants to keep buying from the brand they already know like and trust.
  • It extends your reach with existing, new and potential client in less time.
  • Millennial love brands that connect and stay in touch with them on a personal regular bases.
  • It informs your subscribers what upcoming value to to expect in anticipation.

creates your own channel of communication strictly made for your audience and not an unsolicited broadcast I call it inefficient marketing.

Have you other way to build your list other then e-mail list? please feel FREE to share your thought at the comment section below.

Suffice it to add here that if paying customers are the real king in busuness then it goes also without saying a good content that attract traffic and convert to list is king too.

Back in 2017, 2 yrs shortly after he graduated "a second time" from the University, Petovick - now a media personality, founded, a Media and Brands communication outlet for youngsters millennial looking to become the new breed of the next generation of brand-new internet celebrity/media influencer brand that is fast on the rise with their authentic packaging to make a dent and a difference in the world...

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