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DIFFERENTIATION – How To Stand Out In Your Business And Career.

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Be Different.

“The world doesn’t celebrate your similarity but your difference” 
― Bernard Kelvin Clive

“You need to have a differentiating message. If you are new, different, and proposing to solve a real pain or fulfill a cherished hope, you have a chance to be heard.” 
― Steve Woodruff


There you where with a great idea – uhm! nice have it!  You execute it – great strategy at work. And after working your ass down all night to watch it move from one stage to another, before you say jack Robinson someone somewhere has copied your act.

That’s the classical picture of world we live in.

But big thanks to a strategy used by 500 fortune companies to mark your brand  out differently for what it is –  Differentiation.

A brand will not be so called if it isn’t different.

Say it’s a commodity you won’t be wrong.

Its a fiercely competitive business world we live in and the only way to fight your way out of the arena is to stand out with a touch of difference. The undisputed key to success in today’s business world

whether you are a business or a professional in career it wouldn’t matter.

In today’s era of heightened competition in virtually every industry, it’s getting all the more difficult to differentiate your brand. However that may seem, doing so has never been more important.

Markets are saturated, and businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to stand out from the sea of competitors vying for same commodity.

The idea of  personal branding or what i call “You Business™ and differentiation in career or business goes hand in glove and can be used interchangeably.

To really differentiate your brand or yourself of course that is who you are – a brand.

You need to clearly define what you stand for, what you want to be recognized and known for.

You will also need to know every damn details about the competition in your space and taking the other way out to provide what your competition don’t have by finding the niche market inefficiencies, pain points, problems.

Their challenges and struggles and then filling that gap so what you have just created is a new audience for an existing market and i’d like to call that innovative disruption.

You See, ideas are not new they only need to be renewed to meet the present market needs that why creative people are always on the look out for the next big wave to conceive another business idea and mind you business ideas are not new they are just a disruption and and improvement on the exiting one.

We live in a smart world so when next your thinking of a business idea or opportunity to lash on don’t you ever try to reinvent the wheel just make it better for the world. that is the way its.

It is not a bad idea to be different.

No two individuals are the same each one of six billion and counting – people on planet E has something on our inside that that human it needs that makes us different from the other person, their lies your USP – Unique Selling Point.

You just have to look inwards you got it in you. It could be your believe system and values, personal experience and achievement, passion, stories of failure and expertise.

You cant succeed in business looking to be like some other brand  the best you van be is a second class version.

“If a resume was the deciding factor in recruitment, there would never be a need for interviews.”

The difference between 3 & 2 is one unique idea that separates you from the other brands assuming 3 & 2 are a brand, get it. like i told you from the Introduction that am going to turn this place into an class and i do not mean to say the uninteresting one we had during our days in the university at the lecture theater.

Can you still recall those days in school when we used to copy word for word from the brilliant guy sitting next to us thinking oh sure we will get same result as the guy in question?

Branding – from a broader Perspective is all about differentiation –  that’s the whole idea. Particularly in the online world, it can make the difference between a successful brand and one struggling to break even the strong holds of competition.

Have you for any ever reason wondered how you can differentiate your brand from the competition? How do you differentiate your brand from others already in the market?

Let’s cover a dozen (12) different Ways You Can Differentiate Your brand And Become Uncommon in a common marketplace.


  1. Start with your customers persona and competitor research – ( know who you want to serve and who is serving who you want to serve then find ways to serve better).


  1. Look for your competitive advantages – Its lost inside you. ( what you have that they don’t have and position your brand in the marketplace.


  1. Customer experience all the way and always –  (Deliver a world class top notch customized, memorable customer service and support system). From point of sales to point of exit. That want to make them keep coming back and ask for more like Oliver twist. That kinda emotional response your brand triggers. Everyone likes to get that feel or don’t you. Huh?
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  1. Solve your own customers real problem – ( That is what make them choose you instead of others in the first place).


  1. Become a maven in your space – Be recognized for something worth mentioning in your industry and stick to becoming all you can to develop capacity in that space ( don’t just settle for average performance no one pays for a mediocre job. If everyone is doing that, my friend  your not everyone. That’s is all because your different. one of a kind. You can only get so successful as a brand trying to look like the rest. It’s sort of a drab, Yap!


  1.  Name your price differently – you can be known for selling high end product at a much lower price point than your competitors and you could decide to sell at premium for a particular class. Whatever the case my be, it’s yours to call. The goal is to be different. You get it.


  1. Innovate – And Don’t you ever try to reinvent the wheel just make it.. better than you met it.

        You See, ideas are not new they only need to be renewed to meet the present market needs that why creative          people are always on the look out for the next big wave to conceive another business idea and mind you                    business ideas are not new they are just a disruption and and improvement on the exiting one.


  1. Think differently – the Jones’s already have their own way of doing things. see it differently, do it differently and you will get it differently.


  1. Your brand story – Now,Tell us that day in the life of your business that changes everything, that may be why customers will prefer you because your brand story relate to and resonate with what its that they are looking to achieve.


  1. You (your brands) purpose and passion and values  –

        Sameness is such! a weak! strategy. Your best differentiating strategy is.. in you.

         You my friend are Unique

         Incorporating that difference unto the life of your brand make all the difference.


11 . Change market perception – perception had got everything to do with branding.

      You can debunk I popular notion.

      challenge the status quo of things – Don’t be afraid to take on and get down with the mike Tyson in the                        competing arena. Don’t undermine that little sling shot it might be effective on Goliath’s head if only you give it a        shot.


  1. Make a difference  – positively impact other peoples lives with your Brand.


       And.. so much the more – just about anything you can think of that makes you –  different.



     more businesses, brands are getting their foot online, your clients too are there 24/7/365.

    You need to make then see a reason they should prefer you than others. It’s very easy to be tempted to do the           same thing everybody is doing all the time.

    But that’s is not a good differentiating strategy if you really want to be different.

   Or else will of course be getting same result as common people.

   We live in a smart world so when next your thinking of a business idea or opportunity to lash on don’t you ever try     to reinvent the wheel just make it better. That makes all the difference. Really.

   Like in anything in life, you can only go so far and succeed in business and career trying to under copy some             other brand, are you an artiste?

    The best you can be in life is to be the best of you, no you don’t want to be a second class version or do you?            Every savvy entrepreneur knows that if you must copy then copyright and be different. C’est fini.

    Have you ever wondered how you could

    How would you like to make a difference with your brand.

    Or, better still

   Can you share other strategies for brand differentiation?

   Feel FREE to drop your thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.












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