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CONSISTENCY – How To Establish your brand image.

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“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time” – John Maxwell.



Have you ever googled your name before? and are you so impressed with what pop up huh?

Ever heard of the word ‘consistency’? well, when it comes to the online world consistency will increase your chance of being known, liked and trusted that is to say the the more visibility, authority and credibility your brand get. you get it.

Most especially if you are into a business that is customer – centric I suggest you add consistency among your list of brand promise it will have a positive impact on your bottom line and yas your brand image.

McDonald is a brand well known for being consistent in their service delivery system.

Have you ever pay a visit to one of their franchise? oh! you will always get same experience every other time.

consistency make an impression of what your brand is all about, its the single most fundamental virtue of becoming whatever its that you want to be known for and also what can people expect each time they make a contact or have a business deal with you. You are perceived as dependable and reliable.

people want predictability but guess what, it an unpredictable world we live in. when people get what they want they are glad and will return, that way you can easily grow and maintain your customer base hence repeat sales.

from my personal experience in the fashion and clothing industry inconsistency can make you loose touch of the customers you have grown over time, the result is a negative impact on your equity making your business hard to scale. No customer delivery system, no business.


The best brand strategy will fail woefully without the element of consistency, to have back to back success you will have to at all time defend your wins. yes, No don’t take my word for it go ask Tiger Woods, cristiano Ronaldo or that upcoming star next door. this people don’t shift gear they stay the course.

consistency triumph talent, isn’t it boring repeating something over and again? which is why so very few people ever master anything. Talent not put to use consistently will not get better but diminish in return.let me shock you, their are so many people out there that are talented than this guys but what separate them is… yes you guessed right, consistency. Read my lips. same goes for wealth building it’s built consistently over time, their is no such thing as get rich quick it’s one of the phrases used by the indigent, that why those that had money than you when you started are now flat broke why? inconsistency.

If the foregoing is anything to go by then and only then you would agree with me that one brand can only get stronger and outstanding than the other brand in same industry not for any ever reason but for consistency in value delivery.

How has being consistent have establish your image?

Please feel FREE to air and share you thought in the comment section below.


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