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Brand New Month Wishes

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i wish kid.

The very small things of this life are the very thing that am wondered the most about.

Yes, it’s the last turn of the Calendar. “a new month” marked by religious Affiliated text messages, wishes and special thanks. particularly in Africa and more precisely in  Nigeria. (You know what I mean if you are a Nigerian reading this from any part of the world).

We have only gotten so far with all these.

 Now, reflect for a mo’ – how has your life been changed and transformed recently with the “Happy new month” theme you spread around on social media.

The funniest thing is that those who recite this monthly rituals are the very people who are not making a difference in their lives. Just to impress others who are like them that all is well, when deep down in reality nothing new is “Happying” in their lives.


A new month is only a count, an added number to your life, not even a new one.

There won’t be so much difference between yesterday today and the next day.

What makes it different and new is how you think differently and do things differently that makes it new.

For me, every other day is a great, new and happy day to do great things and be happy.

 No, I don’t have to wait for another turn of the calendar as the traditional society would have it.

You can hardly see a civilized western new – man wishing to celebrate a new month. Every other day is a gift from the creator worth celebrating and always.

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But in the African clime it’s a custom, leaving us the same.

If new month wishes were destiny horses even the lazy man on the street will take a free ride a lot. An excuse to abdicate himself from personal responsibility all in the name of the Almighty.

Instead, it’s a time to take stock and inventory of how far you have come and how far you want to go this is to appreciate. The value of a thing.

Every standard organization does that.

You are one.

Are you Making a difference to Maximize every other day of your life or you are waiting for another 30 days for someone to wish you Happy New Month.

A new month wishes, praise and prayers won’t change you an inch except you change you.  





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