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BLOG – Platform for content creation.

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Since the advent of the Internet – more recently compounded by blogging – everyone can be a published voice. Any cowardly, anonymous anger-monger can have an audience of thousands. – Lynda Resnick

Blog - content creation


A blog was more like a personal journal that people shared online, you could talk about your daily life or interest.

I could recall those days in elementary school when i use to keep note on any catchy phrase i stumble upon.

today,it has taken a new form entirely, creative people use this platform to provide valuable media contents, personal brands, companies and SMEs maximize this medium to talk about their products and services.

blogging has become the new PR – public relation in the internet dispensation.

If you are a business it could enhance your visibility and reach, help your website get more traffic and connect you to your target audience.

the better you blog on a topic the better your chance of popping up on google search for that topic.

Most importantly and on a note it gives your audience the perception to position you as one of the thought leaders in your industry.

think of the world information think of google, when people think of your brand what subject scour through their minds.

How has blogging help market your brand or maybe you are just starting out.

Please feel FREE to air and share you thought in the comment section below.

Back in 2017, 2 yrs shortly after he graduated "a second time" from the University, Petovick - now a media personality, founded and lunched, a Lifestyle Career and Celebrity website (subsidiary of PetovickMediaβ„’) where he currently serve as the editorial director. Having two team players in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ and one in Oregon, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ whose goal is to become #1 Industry influencer for aspiring youngster millennials looking to become the new breed of the next gene-Nation of brand-new internet celebrity/media influencer brand that is fast on the rise..

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