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50 things you never heard about build a media influencer brand for yourself as a career or business in the digital age. (Anyone can do it).


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1. Influencers Have Real Power 70% of millennial YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional           celebrities.

2. You are born to rule your own world, dominate and multiply it in numbers of tens of thousands and counting… 

   (Just suffice it to say that)

3.To create awareness – in a tightly  connected world. It’s no more who you know, it’s who know you and that’s the        real connection. Your star can be hidden off public glare,”you gotta come outta there” boy! In the words of                 Desmond Eliot in the movie –  Silver-spoon.

4. Build traffic – all businesses, brick and mortar or online live and breath on relationship. The implication is the               better your engagement the stronger “Netizens”you could build. And the more influence the  more income.

5. The work/business environment has changed and fast too.

6. Hey, No one will follow a nobody – ( someone will always follow somebody).

7. Competition for what you know, have is more than ever rife – You need a competitive advantage to thrive,                  becoming an influencer is one of the finest ways to thrive in the digital age.

8. It’s a credible thing. One of the most powerful online currency – credibility building a media influencer brand will          make demands on your consistency. That gives you some level of credibility.  No you don’t want to let the side          that look up to you down.

9. There is a ton of powerful web tools for out there for you to leverage on.

10.To expands your reach of network.

11. Millennial of this generation are more inclined to follow a cause. They are waiting for your lead.

13.Boast your CV as a career or business.

14. Specialized high quality content for and to the right audience.

15. A great way to through your list build brand loyalty – a commitment by customers to purchase your product or          services repeatedly over time.

16. It’s a word-of-mouth generator.

17. Up-selling & cross-selling is much easier..yap. Old customers are easier to keep than acquiring new ones.

18. Acquisition cost Is much less. Compared to what it takes to grow a following in the past. You will need to break a        leg over.

19. Increased trust level & credibility – people won’t follow you except they trust you.

20. Promote your brand without being promotional. That’s what I call selling without selling.

21.It’s everything about success. Influence!

22 .Its how the new way to target your market/audience

23 .Its how to get that dream job. don’t you ever forget –  likes attract likes.

24. Its what employers look out for. That lord of the ring spirit.

25.  Its an expression of your leadership capacity, its how to be seen as one of the thought n your field of endeavor,           you come off as an authority.

26 .Its how you create a culture for your native “netizen”  – your tribe who know you understands where your coming        from, the language you speak.

27. It’s the simplest way to build known, likes and trust – one of the few genuine ways that I know to get paid on the          internet doing what you love thing that pays in the social media age.

28. Its how individual who think they have something of value to offer the world market themselves on social media.        We are all marketers. You are stealing if you are not selling something, at least sell yourself. You are huge asset        if well developed to capacity.

29. its the most advanced form of networking – I have not seen any other way, not that I know, to build a genuine             network of people than building a media influencer brand. Think about that.

30. its the craze, as in the in thing in social media now. More than just a trend its the future. the future of work

31. its necessary if you intend making a difference, becoming known for something you do for work. If you think your       college degree will give you than kind of influence and recognition you have a second thinking coming. A                   teenager who understand what it means to be up to date in life, influence others, be excellent will burst the                 silicon valley with a disruptive idea that is worth the earning of his lifetime.

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32. Business is r/ship building – media influencer create media contents that arouse and raise engagement on a             much deeper emotional and personal level

33. people follow people – it humanizes your brand a brand is not some fine logo, tagline or name. They are those            intricacy you don’t see, that leaned a hand to the heart. Such as customers service, trust, authenticity, reliability,        satisfaction etc.

34. Trust is a the new currency online earn it for all it cost.  Influencers are more relatable and trustworthy than the          traditional celebrities.

35. Its the new CV credibility, credentials, Testimonial, qualifications) that shows your Experience, its called social            prove. People often follow them because they have faced similar struggles and are drawn to those who have           overcome them, so when they recommend something, people take that as the word of an expert.

     It clear the “everybody online a scammer” myth. People doing great things don’t tender a college degree as a             permit.

36. Its what employers are hiring for. It what pays now. “What’s can you do? Who the f*rk are you? You experience?

37. Have you been looking for a way to express you original it and keep a consistent image across board. become         an influencer

38 .Its the real connection. People don’t get a job not because they don’t know anybody, but all because nobody              knows them. in Today’s social media age if you are not influencing you are not going to be making much for long

39. You get to work with people that shares same passion and interest with you.

40. Build a life around your passion. you make money while making impact doing what interest you.

41. Your positioned for the right deals.(last week I had the pleasure of working with an influencer in the                            entertainment industry. Never imagined how that could possibly happen 12 months ago – dream come true you          say! Well, you couldn’t be wrong.

42. You are constantly evolving, pushed beyond your limit to up your game in your field so as not to dissapoint your         followers. Your potential is put to use and on demand no dulling mo’

43. You develop capacity and character – the two strong leg you need to have to be outstanding in the business              world and job market in this technology age.

44. Web 2.0 and social media is changing what it means to be successful

45. The reason to work has changed from profit to purpose. From working to survive to working to be successful.

46.Today, social capital is the asset worth building, while influence is the strongest

     currency for driving brand awareness and producing revenue.

47. And so much the more…


This post came to be as a quest from one of the readers in Cambodia – a Southeast Asian Nation. After reading the first A – Z series i did.  Hi sophena..

And to my millennial fans out there, some of you have seen that post. Do yourself a whole world of good and recourse to that post.

They ain’t just for the letters, they are key formulas that is required to be applied if your looking to make an influence in the social media age and unlock your potential instead of just timing away checking other people are posting and not posting.

Now you can be the one been checked liked and followed.

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