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     30(+) Benefits Of Becoming An Influencer Media Brand In The Digital Age.

Whenever we hear the word “brand” what first comes to mind by default is – big company or a celebrity status. Of course that’s is who they are – a brand. But the idea is not left to the reserve of a very lucky few.

They all started out as an everyday people like you and I, but with a big dream and a QUEST to make a name and a difference in their space.

In today’s social media world of multitude noise, we all crave for visibility and attention for putting some fine ideas out there.

A proportionate incentives can be enjoyed like all those big names if you mean a serious business of building am influencer media brand than just putting up a front cover of false status and acting like – ” I’m the Jones’s” whereas you could be a Janet Jackson stealing the show.

Down here is a succinct list of A – Z (+) benefits of building an influencer media brand in the digital age.

So back, pour your glass of wine if you have some, and get ready to be schooled in style on the A – Z benefits of building a media influencer brand in the digital age.


  • A – Attraction: Do you know the word “brand” means “mark”(et). and brand(ing) is the new maket(ing).

       Don’t get it twisted before you get it.

      Now, brand(ing)has been a way of life, where each person want to be recognized with a particular class marked          differently from the other class. It a lot like creating a rhythm for your own pop culture.

       In reality, likes attract likes. And as gregarious as we are as humans, we ain’t solitary animals anymore than the           monkeys are, we crave to be form organization with people of same interest, this is the core reason we                       socialize.

      Social media has make it even more easier where you see different groups flocking together with the same wing       taking same side for one another.

     Building an online brand whether for your name, what you do or your business will of course:

    . Attract sales by attracting paying customers not prospect.

    .Attract likes – like minded people who have stake for and support your vision.

   . Your passion for a cause will attract more people to you, that makes you an influencer. People want to be                   associated with something much bigger than them.  But they need someone to champion the course and lead           the way for them to follow

  . Partners with vested and shared interest to work with you and your company.

  . Attract the best talent in your niche

  . Create followers who want to be like you. That’s wielding a lot of influence and what’s the best definition of                success than this.

  . Among others are approval, attention, authority.

  .Approval – Ambassadorial and product placement deals.

  . Attention – the media is always on the look out for authority in a field since building a brand is about positioning         yourself as a go to resource person in your industry.

  . A brand gives a perception of difference. The common things in the world makes no difference and so attract no        views.

  • B – Boldness – Before people can be attracted to you there must be some level of believe you have about yourself that gives you that courage to put up a front and backup what you purport to be. That boldness create the perception of trust, and trust is a social capital that needs to be earned most especially if you are an online personality.






                Brands want infuencers promoting their products who are confident in themselves. When infuencers                         express instilled confidence in themselves, it promotes confidence in the brand.

                This brand confidence leave a lasting impression on followers and causes them to consider becoming a                     consumer of the product. According to the Infuencer Orchestration Network, β€œ51 percent of marketers                         believe they get better customers from infuencer marketing.

                 That is because the relationship began with the trust of the infuencer.”


  • C –  Credibility – building a media brand gives you some amount of credit that can pay you out of trouble or misrepresentation. People know who you are and what you have stood for all this while.

        The reputation you have earn over time will bail you out in the event of any legal battle or libel made against               you to tarnish your image.

  • C – Celebrated – you are celebrated and organically promoted to for being influential and a blessing to someones life.
  • D –  Distinctions – One fine thing about building a media/online brand among the many pack of other online and offline un-brand, is – among other commodity your brand is being distinguished.
  • – Expert – β€œAn expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow and well defined field”field”  says Niels Bohr. Today, we have loads of information online relatedto any topic and it is hard to find really valuable advice there. The benefit of building a brand and becoming a media influencer brand is – the level of expertise you attain, and as an expert in a well defined niche, you help people to avoid mistakes and get expected results – faster, easier and better. Like Google.

         You are a go – to resource people can look up to for specific value.

       E–  Enterprising – every employer want to engage someone with a responsibility and self sufficient mentality               making outstanding contribution.

        the online world is most beneficial for creatives. You are pushed to think on your feet how to create more value          every other time in other to stay relevant in the space to competition don’t beat you to it.

       The more value you add the more impact you make the more income you make the more you are worth.. Think        for a mo’ about all of your favorite online celebrities. this is how it has been working. my mama would say ” Boy!        that’s the way it’s!..

      There are many keywords in play here that are worthy of note:








  • F – Focus – to create more value, maximize your capacity to become more production is good enough reason to build an online influencer brand.

      . Another ‘F’ factor is Findability

  • G – Go to resource person – As a creative who want to matter in the online space. Your objective of building an online brand should be informed by the fact that you have the opulent opportunity to create a category and dominate it.

        Once you do that you are an authority and a thought leader having an existing but unique perspective about a             subject matter in that space.

        It doesn’t matter how small the space is or who has been around there before you but what touch of difference          and relevance as a brand you bring to that space you occupy. Who doesn’t want to deal with, engage and                  consult an expert in whatever. And that’s all that matters.

        your leadership cannot find expression in the online world until you discover a well defined field – your area of            gifting and design a brand around it. Much like creating a pop culture others can dance to.

        Being a go – to resource person or leader is not occupying a position its about achieving a fit, its not about                  acquiring qualifications but making outstanding contribution in your field.

  • H –  Hallmark – you become a typical classic


  • I – Indispensable – you are so good that they cannot ignore you. Read James Altucher book on choose you.

          I – Influence – credibility, trust, likes built can be used to positively represent impact/ influence or repair                        another brand’s image or be the face face behind all other businesses you owned  by improving the                             reputation of the business/brand, creating customer awareness. directly drive traffic and ultimately up sales.              On the other hand it can also, a negative name will Impact negativity any brand/ business you own or work                with.

         You don’t have to become a movie celebrity before you start endorsing a product/brand. The three factors you           have built overtime with your following is enough to show that you are qualified to give credit to another                     product/brand or yours.


  • J – Job creation – All influencer brand strive to create and dominate its category like I have stated earlier. Doing so is creating a vacancy or space for collaboration or competition. Any which way, an opportunity has been open for someone to offer something of value.
Read also:  ABC Of Making A Name For Yourself And Becoming Influential On The Internet/Social Media Space.

       All influencer brand alike strive to create and dominate its category like I have stated earlier. Doing so is                     creating  vacancy or space for co-orporation or competition. Any which way, an opportunity has been opened             for someone to offer something of value.    

        In a connected world where millennial consumers don’t directly trust company brand. In a world of information            overload and distraction.

        People are looking, searching for a specific result, solution. Employer? oh! They want to cut cost and time it              take from production to sales.

        So they are on the look out for the best fit, best talent, personalities – whose image, values, interest, style,                  culture, mission, vision and more.. matches that of the company and their target market wants and needs.

       Now, as a media influencer brand – in a specific niche. You are most wanted. You see why we are in an age of          “job contracting” and why you if you don’t want to be left out you need to be serious about becoming a person of        influence if your going to command a large share in whatever field you find yourself.

      you will definitely land a dream job as a media (influencer) brand.

      Agencies, businesses, companies , brands will seek you out to work “with” them for three major motives: to               create awareness for their brand’s product and services, to build their traffic, to drive sales.

     By leveraging on your reach, credibility and influence. invariably you are making a name like a celeb for yourself.       A win – win deal, isn’t that cool.

      You don’t have to wait to get the big ambassadorial, product placement or  endorsement deals that your favorite        traditional celebrity get from big companies. They all started here before they were stared.


  • K – Known – People only do business with people they know, like and trust. If your platform doesn’t help you… get KNOWN, get people to LIKE you, and more importantly TRUST you, then there really is no reason to do any of it.

          Keep in mind this takes time, it doesn’t happen over night, but you will reap the reward big time if you stay at              it. Because to build an online influencer brand is to to renown.


  • L –  Legacy – Again building a brand is making a mark, an impression, a digital footing on the sand of time. In reality it’s impossible to live forever but literally we all wanted to. The best we can do is to leave a memory, image, voice, aura that still lives on when we have kissed the sand.
Let your brand bless humanity –
  • L – Learning never ends. The more you learn the more you earn.


  • M – Maximized lifestyle – positioning yourself for the influencer brand that you are afford you the opportunity to get as much as you can out of the life of you and be all you can be in your space.


  • N – Network – building an online brand is building a network of valuable like-minded people. Which invariably will determine your network. Someone once said and I quote ” show me the average five people in your life and I can tell how much you will be worth in half a decade.

       . Another ‘N’ factor here is getting Noticed.

  • O – Originality – you are originally you. No one tries to build a successful online brand  by trying to fake it or be someone else. Not that I know, that only happen in the Movies, not in reality. β†’ Read this


  • P – Positioning is the rank your customers give you in their thoughts and decisions comparison to all the brands in your niche. It comes from differentiating yourself from your competition. In other words, what do you offer or dodifferently from all the other businesses that provide the same products or services? As with branding, we canpassively land in a specific position in the market.  For all things to fall in line in pleasant places just for you, you have to be in the right place, with the right people, doing the right thing and at the right time. Because your location actually determines what is going to be allotted to you.And when I say positioning I do not mean to say some title or taking a seating. Its making an outstanding contribution in your field that gives you a placement in your industry.

    This is what is refereed to as Divine favor/connection in some traditional setting or luck as some would have it ( when preparation meets opportunity).

    You can’t be nobody, known for doing doing nothing and expect manner to fall from the blue on your lapse. It won’t just happen to you by providence of chance. Nah! not in this age.


  • Q – Qualification – you are qualified for a position not for acquiring a college certification or degrees but by developing  capacity. Please, read that 10 times over and again and your thinking will never remain the same. You will be years ahead of your colleagues, even thought you don’t look like it now it will of course change your life.

        This is just a tip of the iceberg.

        I’m going to do an exclusive post on this one and it will be one of my cornerstone content. watch this space

  • R – Recognition for your work – traditional institution of learning will recognize you for making outstanding grades, but the world will recognize you for doing great work and putting great idea out there.
  • R- Relevance – Doing same thing the same old school way and expecting different result is the finest definition for insanity.

         If your business or brand is going to lead,  give your followers a peep of 2- 5 years into the future,  you have to          remain relevant/useful by keep learning new things. As a media influencer brand, you ain’t stuck in the rote                learning curve of life. Learning something new is fun.

  • S – Superstar status – A recent study on internet celebrity had it that in the coming years, one out of every fifteen persons (1 of 15) will be an online influencer brand.

     That’s a good chance and enough reason to know who you want to influence, with what and take the position.           That indices tells you that the online world is big enough a space for the creatives to carve a niche for                         themselves and – dominate it.

  • S – Sales – increased sales, selling without selling.
  • S – Success – without a successor there is not a success. No not one. Like I have started from the start, success is everything in between influence. You are as successful as your level of influence on others not grade points on papers.
  • T – Trust is a social capital you earn over time by being of help to others.
  • U – Unlimited – In this space, you my friend are unlimited. Imagine you having more time and money to spend with loved ones doing what is most important to you. you are the CEO of you unlimited, taking 100% responsibility and in charge of your life, career and business, so that there’s no limit to your income potential.
  • V – Visibility  – whatever get noticed get talked about. That’s FREE PR for you.
  • W – Worth – building an online influential brand create the perception of worth.

        worth: one of the many things I love about being an influencer media brand in the digital age is – you are                    pressed to continuously add value to your followers. Giving them what they have always enjoyed from you in              various ways.


  • W – Work – with all the web tools available at your fingertips you can do great and smart work by working ON your business brand and not in IT.


  • X – Xempt – In a social media world where every Dick, Tom and Harry is vying for a chance to be seen and heard of for doing nothing so ambitious.

        You see this happen every other day on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – whiling               away checking what others are doing and not doing. But that won’t be your own cup of tea, as a media                       influencer brand you “still the show”.

  • Y – You-nique –  a chance to be you. an avenue to bring something unique to the table to serve others with and get rewarded doing so. unique selling point will find an expression.

        Anything you create that go on air like the piece you are reading will stick forever.

  • Z – Zenith –  There’s no limit to how far you can go in the digital space. the sky is infinity your lunching pad.







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